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For a guns and ammunition store in Sacramento CA please call (916) 899-5265 today, for Discount Shooters Supply, a family owned and operated business with more than 30 years of shooting sports experience.

Discount Shooters Supply is a licensed full service firearm and accessories dealer, with some of the best quality products for the best prices in the gun industry.  With over 25,000 products, any weapons enthusiast will be able find exactly what they are looking for.  The store owners pride themselves on offering the widest selection tactical firearms, tactical accessories, reloading equipment, ammunition, and gun coating.  Their staff provides excellent customer service and is very informative, making sure their customers are completely satisfied.  With the knowledge that our staff has we can answer any question you may have regarding weapons, from hand guns, shut guns, hunting and recreational use weapons.

We are full gun shop and we have everything a gun shop should have and more. We have all the rifles and guns including AR 15’s you can dream about. Not only do we have the guns and used guns, but we also carry a wide range of ammo, and ammo supplies like gun powder, reloading equipment and we even have surplus ammo and reload ammo. If you are looking for wholesale ammo or bulk ammo then call us today or come by and see what we have in our gun store in Sacramento California.

Great prices teamed with a large selection of products and outstanding customer service, this gun store will keep people coming back for more!

Our reviews:

“Very good prices, friendly folks. Check this place out. The prices are very good especially for reloading supplies if you take into consideration shipping and hazmat fees. Some other components are as low or better than mail order shops. The people I talked to in there were very friendly and nothing like the typical “know-it-all/why are you wasting my time with dumb questions” you see at a lot of gun stores. We need to support places like this. I hope this place does well and helps keeps the cost of reloading supplies down. It’s also very refreshing to find a B&M gun/supply store that doesn’t expect you to bow down at their feet when you walk through the door. ”

“Great selection. Awesome prices. Custom ordered me a lee loader for cheaper then I could find it online. Great prices on factory reloads too. “


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  1. Maria Vandelz, 2 years ago

    Hi! We’re looking for our first handgun to have in our house in case of an emergency. Something that’s basic and easy to use. What would you recommened? And where are you located? Thanks!

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