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    Warnick and Reeves Mechanical did a great job with our water heater. They are definitely the company to call in Newton IA.

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    I was expecting the typical butt crack hanging out Plumber to show up at my door in Newton IA. However I was pleasantly surprised that the guy was very professional and took care of the problem quickly and efficiently. Ill be using them again

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    About every 6 months to a year my drain backs up in my basement from twigs in sewer I usually call roter rooter which cost about 75 dollars thus time I called warnick and reeves it cost 214 dollars ! I was suprised by price hopefully my drain problems stay away .

    1. There is a big difference in a sewer machine that turns and leaves all the debris in your pipes like a rooter machine , your sewer was done with a 3200 psi jetter machine which cuts roots and blows them to the city main out of your pipes , hope this helps the public to understand. Tree roots will still continue to grow threw the joints of old clay pipe .

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